Science is exciting and inspiring for everyone, not just scientists, and I have the special privilege of participating in the Vancouver Science Social on May 11, 2017. I haven’t been this excited since anxiously waiting to go on my trip to Vietnam last November!

Some fellow social media influencers and I will get to team up with the Science World team and tour some of the most amazing and innovative science hubs in Vancouver. We’re going to take part in some hands-on science experiments and ask local experts all our burning questions. I really cannot wait to learn about all our scientist’s brilliant work and share that experience with YOU!

Some stops on this year’s field trip are:

SFU Locomotion Lab

We will get to try on a bionic energy harvesting exoskeleton that converts the energy produced from walking into power to fuel your cell phones, batteries and other equipment for people working in the field! Think how useful that would be! Also, you could have a never-ending Pokemon catching adventure and leave the power bank at home.

Trottier Observatory and Science Courtyard

We’ll get a chance to visit and tour the new observatory at SFU! We’ll see if we can spot Jupiter through their telescope and have a tour of the courtyard with Howard Trottier himself. It sounds so beautiful, I cannot wait to see it for myself.

Ruff Aviary

We will get to tour the planet’s largest ruff aviary that has approximately 300 birds on site! Biologist, David Lank, will show us the mating and courtship behaviors of ruffs. They are pretty unique and there are even some birds that mimic females and don’t display conventional male behavior and plumage. We’ll see if we are able to pick out these “cross-dressers” by the end of our tour.

Environmental Medicine and Physiology Unit (EMPU)

This is probably the thing I am most excited for. Here we will get to experience what it feels like to do some deep sea diving while staying completely dry! In the hyper/hypobaric chamber, we will experience the effects of nitrogen narcosis, a temporary condition brought on by breathing compressed air. Experiencing an altered mental state similar to alcohol intoxication is not uncommon. On my last deep dive, I didn’t get a chance to experience what this was like so here’s my chance!


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Vancouver Science Social

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