Cat Cafes, A Place Where Cat Lovers Rejoice

Cat Cafes in Korea I can’t recall the first time I heard about cat cafes. Perhaps it was through a friend who had recently been to South Korea, or while surfing the net late one evening. In any case, the idea of having coffee in a room teeming with adorable felines was heaven for a cat… Read more »

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Avocado Toast For Beginners

Avocado Toast! The other day I became a fan of avocado toast. I’ve seen it on Instagram every now and then and, quite honestly, I wasn’t buying into the hype. Don’t get me wrong, I know avocado is awesome and I like it very much. Its flavor is subtle, it is satisfyingly buttery, it’s great… Read more »

Vancouver Science Social

The Vancouver Science Social: Celebrating Canada-wide science festival, Science Odyssey!

Science is exciting and inspiring for everyone, not just scientists, and I have the special privilege of participating in the Vancouver Science Social on May 11, 2017. I haven’t been this excited since anxiously waiting to go on my trip to Vietnam last November! Some fellow social media influencers and I will get to team… Read more »

Homemade Cabbage Kimchi (Tongbaechu-kimchi 통배추김치)

Eat a lot of kimchi, it’s good for digestion I heard this a lot when I was living in South Korea- on the daily, in fact.  The elders really seem to value foods that aid with, umm, bodily functions. I really have come to love kimchi, and there are so many different kinds! The one that most people… Read more »

The Liebster Award

Live Jennormously Nominated for The Liebster Award

The Liebster Award! I was informed that Live Jennormously was nominated for The Liebster Award by Eric Gamble of The Bucket List Project. Eric created his blog as a way to share his bucket list and keep himself accountable in completing those items (we all need a little push sometimes!) and also to help others create… Read more »

Setting sail to find dolphins near jeju island

Chasing After Wild Dolphins at Jeju Island

Jeju Island (제주도) Jeju Island is the largest off the coast of the peninsula and is a popular honeymoon spot for newlywed Koreans- and I can see why. It is a beautiful place surrounded by ocean. You’ll find quaint farms lined with uneven barriers, called bat-dam(밭담), which I find rather charming. It is definitely worth… Read more »

Live Jennormously Nominated for One Lovely Blog Award!

One Lovely Blog Award Nomination! Thank you, Jen from Jen Stewie, Overseas for nominating me for my very first blog award: One Lovely Blog Award! Jen is a fellow Canadian, and she has been living in Japan for several years. She chronicles her life in Japan and the countries she’s traveled to. You should really… Read more »

International Travel with Your Pets

International Travel With Pets If you’re a pet owner that happens to love traveling, then you’ll understand how difficult it is to leave your fur-children behind. For shorter trips, it’s feasible to entrust the well-being of your pet to a family member or trustworthy friend, but what do you do if you are going away… Read more »

trip planning

Getting Visa Approval to Vietnam & Avoiding Issues At Customs

How To Get Visa Approval to Vietnam & Avoid Issues At Customs When Danton and I traveled to Vietnam last November, we were traveling for 20 hours including layovers. The last thing we wanted to do after landing in Tan Son Nhat International Airport, at 1 in the morning, was deal with problems at customs…. Read more »

Nara Park: Become Snow White for a day

The first time I traveled to Japan, I was determined to visit Nara Park and get myself a kawaii deer selfie. I didn’t know what to expect once I got there. Would the park be teeming with deer? Do they really just wander around willy nilly? What about the….poop? Let me tell you what it was… Read more »

  • Durian

    The King of Fruit and Gluttony

    King of Fruit and Gluttony For day 3 of our trip, we were in Cai Be with family. Danton and I woke up from a food-induced coma early in the morning. The first sounds of the morning were the call of roosters and pressurized showerhead type of rain on the roof of the house. The original… Read more »

  • Floating Along the Mekong Delta

    Any day on a boat is a good day. Day 2 we head to a rural town in Cai Be that subsists along the Mekong Delta. Theres lots of eating and lots of sightseeing!

  • Discovering Station 3A and Drinking Cobra Blood

    Jetlagged but excited to be in Vietnam, we set out into the city by 7am. Discovering Station 3A, and trying snake meat for the first time!

  • Olo Victoria, BC

    Things Jennormous Ate In Victoria, BC

    How much can you eat in a day? With careful planning, quite a bit. See what we ate during our one day in Victoria, BC.

  • Hiking The Juan De Fuca Marine Trail

    This summer I tackled my first multi-day backpacking trip. I had the chance to experience the beautiful Juan De Fuca Marine Trail during the last bit of the 2016 summer. Continue reading to see what it was like, and what you can expect from hiking along this trail!

  • Joffre Lakes Provincial Park: Perfect Picnic Date

    Urban life can be taxing and take a toll on the mind and body. Sometime in May, Danton and I made a day trip to Joffre Lakes Provincial Park located in Pemberton. It’s a bit of a drive from Downtown Vancouver but it is totally worth it! Grab your favorite adventure buddy, make a great… Read more »