Middle Lake and Joffre Lakes Provincial Park

Urban life can be taxing and take a toll on the mind and body. Sometime in May, Danton and I made a day trip to Joffre Lakes Provincial Park located in Pemberton. It’s a bit of a drive from Downtown Vancouver but it is totally worth it! Grab your favorite adventure buddy, make a great playlist, and pack an amazing lunch and some wine. You’re guaranteed to have an epic day at Joffre Lakes Provincial Park.

Getting There

If you’re driving from Downtown Vancouver, it’s going to take just under 3 hours one-way. The route is fairly straight forward as you will drive to Pemberton via the BC-99 N Highway. We relied on GPS to get to the park after reaching Pemberton, but there is some signage (not very clear, though) to help you get there.

The drive up there was awesome!  We had a lengthy session of car-aoke while getting views of the ocean, mountains, and forests along the way on windy roads. I am so lucky to live in such a beautiful Province!

Hiking To Upper Lake

The hike is about 10km round trip and takes 4 hours to complete. Coming down was definitely easier- about 1 hour from Upper Lake to the car.

After parking your vehicle, you will see Lower Lake just beyond the trees. There is a nice bench and some chipmunks scurrying around here, but there are much better sights up ahead. You can just follow the path on the right and continue on the path until you reach the Upper Lake at the end. This trail is quite popular so you will see a lot of hikers and trail runners along the way. Perhaps even a few campers and backcountry sites are available near Upper Lake.

Whiskey Jacks can be spotted along the path eyeing hikers. They are very friendly and will come to you if you have some snacks to share! We brought some trail mix and my dream of being a Disney Princess was fulfilled.



I remember getting tired because a lot of it was uphill, but there are many spots along the way to take a breather and get some photos. We stopped at the Middle Lake for a little bit. The walk to the final lake was a bit more difficult and even though it was May there were some icy patches as we got closer to the glacier.

Once you’re at the final lake, you could pick a spot to have your lunch or continue along the path towards the back country camping sites to get some photos from a higher level.



Picnic Time!

I think we had the most amazing spot to have our lunch. Sitting on these rocks and having the mountains as the backdrop for dining was the cherry on top of an already extraordinary day!


We brought a camping cookstove and pots with us to cook our lunch. On the menu, we had Korean Fire Noodles with egg, enoki mushrooms, kimchi, spam, and saewoo bbokem! We even brought a bottle of Rosé which we chilled in the glacial lake while cooking the meal. Sandwiches probably would have sufficed, but we wanted to go all out.

I really recommend doing this trail! It can be pretty crowded because of how popular it is, so go on a weekday if you can.


Photos by @dantonnuwen. Go check him out!

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