This is the face of a person who has done some cool stuff and is ready to do it again in 2017! =p

In 2016 I told myself, “go out there and do all the things,” and I tried my absolute best to, well- do all the things!

The year 2016 brought me so many new experiences and fond memories. I made it a mission to try and do as much as possible. I never hesitated to say “YES” to any opportunity to travel and have new adventures. My bank account might have appreciated some conservatism, but this is where it led me:

In terms of travel, I went to England, and Vietnam- both for the first time. I partied in Vegas with my girlfriends, attended my first outdoor music festival, and enjoyed many live shows in Vancouver.

Another first for me was backcountry camping and completing my first multi-day hike (while camping in the backcountry). I also hiked tons of new trails in, and around, Vancouver. I even completed my PADI open water diver!


My favorite thing about London were the parks and lovely walk next to the canals.

I’ve learned so much and acquainted myself with so many amazing people along the way. Here is my list of things to do and see for 2017! It’s a bit hefty, but I hope I get to do a majority of them.

Activities I want to try


More diving, with hopefully better visibility!


I’ve realized I don’t really love running. Even though I am going to run my first 10km race this year, and occasionally jog, I just don’t love it. I used to swim a lot as a kid and even tried swim club in my senior year of high school. Since I began scuba diving, I rekindled my love for the water and I think 2017 will be a very water based year. My decision to commit to swimming regularly will help me succeed in the other activities I want to try this year. I am fortunate to have made some friends that are avid swimmers and will keep me company on my underwater journey!

Free Diving

Free diving is a form of diving that relies on the diver’s ability to hold their breath until resurfacing instead of using the equipment that scuba divers use. I first saw free divers in action in UBC’s pool while I was learning the fundamental skills for scuba. They looked so graceful and I loved their long fins! I later found people through social media that spearfish and free dive and I want to try it too! I hope that by swimming and building my endurance, I will be able to free dive in the ocean by the end of the year and hopefully catch me some dinner while I’m at it.


Why not? I can swim and I know how to shimmy into a wetsuit. I could probably kill two birds with one stone by taking some surfing lessons in Tofino and then going on a free dive excursion!

More scuba diving

I actually got my Advanced PADI diver certificate earlier this year (you can read it here) and I am ready to venture to new depths, literally. My hope is to explore what BC has to offer! I already have some trips in mind and I am stoked for them. Some trips I would love to take are Tuwanek on the Sunshine Coast and to see the sea lions at Race Rocks. It would also be amazing to dive somewhere warm for a change, perhaps Thailand?

Places I want to go


It’s where I am from and the last time I visited was in 2014! A trip back is long overdue and I could really use some sunshine and boat noodles. My cousin recently also got his diving certificate so maybe I could fulfill my dreams of seeing a whale shark while I’m there!


A tuktuk we found in the basement of our hotel in Victoria, BC


2017 is the 150th anniversary and to celebrate the country is giving free passes to all their National Parks! Danton and I plan to go to Jasper sometime this year and take advantage of this amazing opportunity to see more of the country.

I have lived in Canada almost all my life and I have never gone past Alberta. I would love to visit the East Coast and see what they have to offer. Toronto? Montreal? Choices, choices!

West Coast

I have only been to LA once and that was just to get a car and drive down to Las Vegas while eating everything I could along the way. It would be great to go to San Fransisco, San Diego, and all those wonderful, hot places without having to travel too far. I have met a several awesome people from there and I would love to visit them.

Things I want to achieve

Be more minimalistic

I’ve been purging my closet, kitchen, and every cluttered place in my house around the holidays. It wasn’t intentional. At first, it was to make room for a new wardrobe and to say goodbye to ill-fitting clothes and those- ew, why did I buy that- pieces. Once I saw how much simpler and cleaner my room was, I moved on to the kitchen, bathroom, and shelves. It’s still a work in progress but my mood has significantly improved and I have more time for other things since I am not constantly cleaning or picking up after people.

I am working on a post about minimalism, so be on the lookout for that! My hope is to simplify my life and live without excess which would save me time and money for the things I love, like traveling…and eating while I travel.

Get casted

I have recently been presented an opportunity to join an agency, and I took it. I had always entertained the thought of trying to do more than standing in the background. It’s my time to be in the foreground! I have gone to some auditions since joining at the end of January, and it’s been more challenging than I initially anticipated! It’s also been fun and exciting to get another look at the entertainment industry and I can’t wait to share what I learn with you!


You made it the end of my (ever growing) list! I hope that I can see/do at least half of the things I’ve listed above.


Juan De Fuca Marine Trail. I hope I’ll get to walk on sandy beaches this summer!

What’s on your bucket list for 2017? Comment below or share a link to your blog so I can follow along! =]

Live large. Live Jennormously!


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Written by Jennormous


Arthur S

I hope you join Hyack and I see you at the pool! Swimming also actually makes surfing much easier as you have to paddle yourself back out all day and if you don’t have the swimming muscles you will get really sore and worn out!

Arthur S

I hope you join Hyack and I see you at the pool! Swimming also actually makes surfing much easier as you have to paddle yourself back out all day and if you don’t have the swimming muscles you will get really sore and worn out!


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