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Cat Cafes, A Place Where Cat Lovers Rejoice

Cat Cafes in Korea I can’t recall the first time I heard about cat cafes. Perhaps it was through a friend who had recently been to South Korea, or while surfing the net late one evening. In any case, the idea of having coffee in a room teeming with adorable felines was heaven for a cat… Read more »

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Avocado Toast For Beginners

Avocado Toast! The other day I became a fan of avocado toast. I’ve seen it on Instagram every now and then and, quite honestly, I wasn’t buying into the hype. Don’t get me wrong, I know avocado is awesome and I like it very much. Its flavor is subtle, it is satisfyingly buttery, it’s great… Read more »

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Homemade Cabbage Kimchi (Tongbaechu-kimchi 통배추김치)

Eat a lot of kimchi, it’s good for digestion I heard this a lot when I was living in South Korea- on the daily, in fact.  The elders really seem to value foods that aid with, umm, bodily functions. I really have come to love kimchi, and there are so many different kinds! The one that most people… Read more »

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Things Jennormous Ate In Ho Chi Minh City

Airline tickets to Vietnam were so inexpensive in the Fall of 2016 that we took a spontaneous week long trip in November. In 7 days we managed to eat our way through Ho Chi Minh City, the Mekong Delta, and Hoi An. There was never a moment that found ourselves hungry. We ate so much… Read more »

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Things Jennormous Ate In Victoria, BC

How much can you eat in a day? With careful planning, quite a bit. See what we ate during our one day in Victoria, BC.