Oh dear… how will I organize this list? I want to do all the things!

Travel and Anthropology 

  • Cave exploration in Vietnam
  • Visit the rice fields in Sa Pa
  • Island hopping in Thailand
  • Experience the Songkran water fight
  • Complete a multi-day hike

 Dive Adventures

  • Obtain PADI open-water 
  • Obtain PADI advanced open-water
  • Become a Divemaster
  • Dive with sea snakes in Indonesia
  • Swim with whale sharks
  • Hang out with sea lions at Race Rocks (Vancouver Island)

Adrenaline Rush

  • Jump out of an airplane
  • Bungee jumping


  • Try real Kobe wagyu
  • Try at least 3 regional Japanese Ramen
  • Make authentic Korean kimchi
  • Create a full meal using Sous Vide


  • Survive a day using Korean
  • Survive a day using Japanese
  • Survive a day using Vietnamese
  • Survive a day using French
  • Survive a day using Thai


  • Volunteer in the area of ocean conservation
  • Solve a problem in my community (big or small)


  • Acquire a job that allows me to work remotely
  • Become my own boss


The list is in the works….always